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  • This infographic visually maps your options - medical, support and reporting - in the event of sexual violence. 


Duke Office of Student Conduct

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    Duke is proactive in its efforts to address and reduce instances of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

    Duke has a comprehensive policy prohibiting student-on-student sexual misconduct. The Sexual Misconduct Policy applies to all students. If you feel you have been subjected to sexual misconduct or discrimination, you should seek assistance as soon as possible.

    The Office of Student Conduct strengthens personal responsibility and accountability through investigation and resolution of alleged violations of university policies. We encourage honesty, integrity, and respect within the undergraduate community as promoted by our honor code, the Duke Community Standard.

    The Office of Student Conduct is committed to an environment free of harassment and sexual violence. Students who are victims of harassment and/or sexual misconduct are encouraged to contact our office to learn about services we provide to hold students who victimize others accountable for their actions.

    Students should be aware that, with the exception of the confidential resources of Student Health staff, Counseling and Psychological Services staff, Women's Center staff, Ombuds, and clergy acting in that professional role at Duke, all employees who become aware of conduct that might fall under this policy are expected to notify the Office of Student Conduct with the names of the parties involved and the details of the report. Students who serve in an ongoing peer-advising role, such as Resident Assistants, are also expected to share such reports with the Office of Student Conduct.

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    8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

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    Crowell Hall, 2nd floor 10 Epworth Dorm Lane Durham, NC 27708

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Office for Institutional Equity

  • You have the right to raise a concern or complaint regarding harassment or discrimination. You also have the right to utilize available resources, such as the Office for Institutional Equity, and do not have to follow any chain of command to raise a concern or submit a complaint of harassment or discrimination.

    The Office for Institutional Equity (OIE) enhances respectful, diverse and inclusive work and learning environments for the Duke Community. We provide a range of services that uphold values of equity and diversity, as well as support compliance efforts in the areas of equal opportunity, affirmative action and harassment prevention. OIE is responsible for implementing and monitoring Duke University's harassment and discrimination policies that ensure and support an environment free of harassment and discrimination.

    The Duke Harassment Policy is an important component of our commitment to work and learning environments that are inclusive, respectful and free from harassing conduct. The harassment policy prohibits harassment of any kind. It includes, but is not limited to, sexual harassment. The harassment policy applies to all persons enrolled at or employed by Duke University or Duke University Health System.

    Our policies prohibit retaliation against anyone for coming forward with a concern or submitting a complaint. If you believe you have experienced prohibited retaliation, you may contact the Office for Institutional Equity to address this concern.

    Of course at any time during the process, you have the right to consult individuals or agencies external to or outside of Duke University.

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    114 S. Buchanan Blvd, Bay 8 Durham, NC 27708

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Duke University Police Department

  • The Duke University Police Department provides 24-hour law enforcement and security services to Duke's academic campus and health system, as well as off-campus areas.

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    502 Oregon Street, Durham, NC 27708

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Durham Police Department

  • The Durham Police Department's mission is to minimize crime, promote safety, and enhance the quality of life in partnership with our community.

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    505 W Chapel Hill Street Durham, NC 27701

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