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Clery Act: The Basics

  • The Clery Act is a federal law that requires colleges to report crimes that occur “on campus” and school safety policies. This information is available each year in an Annual Security Report (ASR), which can be found on your school’s website. It also requires schools to send timely warnings to the school community when there are known risks to public safety on campus.

    The Clery Act contains the Campus Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights, which requires colleges to disclose educational programming, campus disciplinary process, and victim rights regarding sexual violence complaints.

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Clery Center for Security on Campus

  • The Clery Center is a national nonprofit dedicated to helping college and university officials meet the standards of the Jeanne Clery Act. By equipping professionals with the training and resources they need to understand compliance requirements, they strive to make campus safety a universal reality.

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Clery Act Compliance Resources

How Do the VAWA Amendments to Clery Affect Campus Safety

Federal Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights

    • Survivors shall be notified of their options to notify law enforcement.
    • Accuser and accused must have the same opportunity to have others present.
    • Both parties shall be informed of the outcome of any disciplinary proceeding.
    • Survivors shall be notified of counseling services.
    • Survivors shall be notified of options for changing academic and living situations.