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Privacy Policy

  • ASK DC respects your privacy.

    • 100% secure and confidential
    • No identifying information is collected, stored, or shared by ASK DC or ASK DC sponsors.

    Confidentiality Disclaimer

    • While using ASK DC, you may be redirected to an outside site that is not secure or confidential. If the phone or computer you are using is being monitored, consider using a safer platform to access the resources on ASK DC.  To learn more about computer and cell phone monitoring, visit Tech Safety.

    Hotline & Chat

    • RAINN hotline and chat are secure and confidential.
    • For more information about RAINN’s chat security, see their Privacy Policy.

    Uber Family Profile

    • Within the Uber App, click on Settings, Profiles, Add Family Profile (or add a business or personal profile if you only currently have 1 profile)

    • Since you have to affirmatively choose to add a Family Profile and then decide which profile to use when using Uber, the feature is transparent. As with all types of shared family services and plans, survivors of abuse may want to safety plan with a trained advocate about shared phone plans, shared bank accounts, shared payment plans, known passwords & PIN numbers, etc.

    • Also, for more resources about location sharing and broader tech safety planning, visit Tech Safety