• Get Help in the City

Get an Advocate
You have the right to an advocate. The advocate provides support through the initial crisis phase and the recovery process, including assistance with crime victims’ compensation, housing, entry into counseling, follow-up medical care, and legal services.

Follow-Up Care
Find resources for receiving medical and psychological care after a sexual assault.

Legal Services
Find resources for legal services, including police reporting, crime victim compensation, emergency housing, civil legal representation, and others.

Multilingual Assistance
Specialized care and resources for English as a second language and international victims and survivors of sexual assault.

ASL Assistance
Specialized care and resources for deaf and hard-of-hearing victims and survivors of sexual assault.

Human Trafficking / Sexual Exploitation
Specialized care and resources for those affected by human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

LGBTQ Services
Specialized care and resources for LGBTQ individuals.

Military Services
Specialized resources for those serving in the military.

Services for Teens and Minors
Resources for those under the age of 18.

Services for Elders
Specialized resources for elders (60 years+).

Housing Services
Specialized housing services for DC community members. 

Specialized resources for returning home from a period of incarceration. 

Bystander Resources
Learn more about programs and organizations that provide educational resources for understanding and promoting active bystanders.

Transportation Services
Learn more about programs that provide transportation services. 

University Services
Find resources on all 8 of the District's colleges and universities at U ASK Washington, DC.