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Office of Academic Support and Learning Differences

  • The Office of Academic Support and Learning Differences partners with students and faculty to enhance the academic experience.  The office is committed to collaborative engagement within the campus community in an effort to improve student success.  The academic counselors will work one-on-one with you to solve any issues you might encounter.

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Mercyhurst University Title IX Office

  • Mercyhurst University policy prohibits sexual harassment and sexual and gender based misconduct. Respect for the dignity and work of each individual is a guideline of the University.   

    Mercyhurst University encourages those who have experienced any form of sex discrimination to report the incident promptly and to seek all available assistance.  Mercyhurst University takes complaints very seriously and will work with complainants to ensure their safety and to remedy the situation. 

    The Title IX Coordinator serves as the central reference person for information about filing a complaint and the investigative procedure, as well as providing available support services and interim measures.

    Contact Title IX if you are concerned that a sex-based violation, including sexual violence, relationship violence and abuse has occurred to yourself or a friend. 

  • Alice Agnew, Title IX Coordinator


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    501 E 38th St, 311 Egan Hall, Erie, PA 16546

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Housing Changes and Code of Student Conduct Complaints

  • The Office of Residence Life and Student Conduct provides a living environment that enables each student to develop holistically through educational opportunities. The Residence Life program recognizes that learning extends well beyond the classroom and continues into the area in which students live and fosters that development through daily interactions.

    For housing changes and student conduct complaints, contact Megan McKenna, Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct. 

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  • Student Conduct Main Line


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    501 E 38th St, Egan Hall 323, Erie, PA 16546

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