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Bystander Intervention Committee

  • Bystanders are individuals who witness (see and/or hear), any kind of event, including:

    • ​Prejudicial remarks and/or behavior
    • Violence to others
    • Individuals damaging their personal health and well being

    AND do nothing, or contribute to the negative behavior.

    YOU can break this cycle!  It only takes one person who steps up to change a situation and get other people involved.  If you were in trouble, wouldn't you want someone to help out?

    Don't wait for somebody else to do something, STEP UP.​

    Stepping up is easier said than done.  Schedule a training for your class, club, or team to learn HOW to be an active bystander and make a difference.  When the bystander notices the event as a problem early enough, he or she can prevent the event. 

  • Alice Agnew, Chair


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    501 E 38th St, 311 Egan Hall, Erie, PA 16546

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Step Up!

  • Have you ever been concerned about a situation and wanted to help…but didn’t?

    You’re not alone.

    The situation is more common that you think, and is known as the bystander effect.  Learn more about the Step Up! Bystander Intervention Program. 

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