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Mercyhurst University Counseling Center

  • The Counseling Center provides free, confidential, professional counseling to Mercyhurst University students, as well as 24/7 on-call counseling in the event of crisis such as sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, suicidality, or harm to others.  Our licensed staff recognizes the challenges that university students face as they transition from home to the campus, and assist students address a number of concerns including college adjustment, peer or family relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety/stress, alcohol or other substances, eating disorders, anger management, or grief and loss.

    The Counseling Center respects the dignity and worth of all students as maturing individuals with unique perspectives and contributions, and value the diverse backgrounds, abilities, and orientations of each member of our student body. The Center upholds the confidentiality of the individual student in a manner respectful of privacy and consistent with professional ethics and community laws. The Center meets with students for ongoing counseling sessions, offers a daily walk-in hour, and provides 24/7 on-call service for certain emergency situations.

    Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  After hours contact Mercyhurst Police & Safety for a counselor.

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    4118 Briggs Avenue, Erie, PA 16546

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Mercyhurst University Title IX Office

  • Mercyhurst University policy prohibits sexual harassment and sexual and gender based misconduct. Respect for the dignity and work of each individual is a guideline of the University.   

    Mercyhurst University encourages those who have experienced any form of sex discrimination to report the incident promptly and to seek all available assistance.  Mercyhurst University takes complaints very seriously and will work with complainants to ensure their safety and to remedy the situation. 

    The Title IX Coordinator serves as the central reference person for information about filing a complaint and the investigative procedure, as well as providing available support services and interim measures.

    Contact Title IX if you are concerned that a sex-based violation, including sexual violence, relationship violence and abuse has occurred to yourself or a friend. 

  • Alice Agnew, Title IX Coordinator


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    501 E 38th St, 311 Egan Hall, Erie, PA 16546

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Crime Victim Center of Erie County

  • The Crime Victim Center of Erie County, Inc. was established in 1973 as the Erie County Rape Crisis Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting sexual assault victims and their families and friends. In 1986, Victim Witness Services was established for victims of other violent crimes, their families and friends, and also to serve the witnesses to violent crimes.

    After nearly 45 years of providing direct victim services and community education and outreach, Crime Victim Center (CVC) knows first-hand, there is hope and there is help. First, we know that when victims receive the help and support they need, something wonderful can happen: Healing. They can reconnect, find meaning within the context of their life story, and be unburdened enough from the violence or crime to live fulfilled lives. To facilitate healing, CVC provides a full continuum of services to victims and witnesses of any type of crime including sexual assault, homicide, simple and aggravated assault, robbery, home invasion, and child and elder abuse. Trained Counselor Advocates provide crisis intervention, counseling, accompaniment through the criminal justice and medical systems, and victim compensation and restitution assistance to help victims cope and begin healing. Counselor Advocates are available 24/7. Counseling services are available for victims of crime, as well as their friends, family members, co-workers and others who may be impacted.

    Second, we know education and intervention works. Every major public health or safety issue like smoking, breast cancer, drunk driving, etc. has required and benefited from education and raising public awareness. Awareness is a proven method to bring about desired and needed change. CVC offers violence prevention, education and training programming to schools, businesses, allied professionals, faith-based institutions and other community groups on a variety of topics. With increased knowledge and skills people are effectively equipped with the tools they need to break the cycles of violence and create safety, well-being and peace in their own lives, families and communities.

    CVC has compiled a list of local services and resources, as well as recommendations for a survivor and their loved ones in the event of sexual assault. 

    Office hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, with appointments available on Wednesdays until 6pm. 

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    125 West 18th Street Erie, PA 16501

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  • SafeNet provides services to people victimized by domestic violence and relationship abuse.  SafeNet is Erie’s only accredited domestic violence agency. SafeNet has been providing services to victims of domestic violence for 40 years and provides these comprehensive services free of charge. About 1,500 people utilize SafeNet services annually in Erie County. 

    SafeNet is committed to ending domestic violence through our programs, training and educational initiatives. SafeNet believes every individual has the right to be respected and to live a life free from abuse.

    SafeNet's free and confidential services include:

    • Emergency Shelter
    • Counseling and Advocacy
    • Legal Representation
    • Children’s Programs
    • Education and Training
    • Transitional Housing 

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